About Us

a1YCUD registered with the Ministry of Interior in 2014 and was founded by leaders of various Cambodian Youth Organizations.  It is governed by a Governance Board. YCUD promotes good governance and accountability not only for itself, but also for Cambodian   youth,   community people,   and government   institutions.  The   key principle of YCUD is to unite all Cambodia Youth Organizations toward a common goal, in the interest and for the sake of Cambodian youth. YCUD works efficiently and effectively towards its core values (solidarity, democracy, non-violence, transparency, social accountability and gender equality and equity).

 YCUD represents effective coordination, fast and dynamic information sharing, strong and peaceful advocacy, high technological communication within members and stakeholders, standardized capacity development and monitoring, evaluation and research on Cambodian Youth. YCUD contributed toward the achievement of a National Youth Policy which was adopted by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Royal Government of Cambodia. Monitoring the enforcement and implementation of the National Youth Policy is a main goal of YCUD.

 Legal Status: On 26 November 2014, YCUD was registered as an independent non- governmental organization a non-profit, non-governmental organization through an authorization letter -Reference No. 2438 S/Ch/N- issued by the Ministry of Interior, Cambodia.


YCUD is a coalition of youth organizations that serve to promote youth participation in social development and peace building in order to contribute to the increased employment rate among Cambodian youth through capacity- building and preservation of the environment, health, human rights, democracy, peace, justice, and positive social change.


YCUD envisions a harmonious society where Cambodian youth are fully engaged in sustainable development and peace.


Enhancing meaningful youth participation in sustainable development through collective voice and efforts for policy change.

Core Values

• Solidarity
• Democratic policy
• Non-violent
• Transparency and Accountability
• Gender equality and equity


1. To strengthen the relation and the cooperation with national and international organizations and the relevant institutions as well as to the world in order to improve the youth situation and the policy for the youth.
2. Create a Youth Centre for meetings of youths, group of youth and Organization for them to more participate in social activities
3. Gather technical and financial resources to increase youth activities and influence of youth in society
4. Printing about youth activities to encourage more youth to participation
5. Build capacity, networking, and cooperation among international and national youth for strong advocating for one voice.

About Our Team

Mrs. Mey Samphas

General Secretary

Mrs. Mey Samphas is a dynamic personality in this small team, and facilitates positive solutions
for all involved in any challenge, including information sharing, networking, delegation of tasks and assisting the organization to achieve its objectives and goals. As the General Secretary, she manages the day-to-day operations of YCUD and is responsible for human resource management and administrative tasks. Other key duties include supporting the Board to arrange meetings, drafting proposals and reports for funding bodies, preparing annual reports, coordinating meetings with stakeholders, and developing YCUD’s activities including our advocacy program.

With over 14 years experience working in the local development sector in Cambodia, Mrs. Samphas is specialized in administration and human resource management in her various roles and training. Mrs. Mey Samphas has a Bachelor of Laws and a Master’s in Business Administration. In her extra curricular activities, Ms Mey sits on the HR working group for the Co-operation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) and is a BoD member for the Youth and Children for Freedom organisation.

Mr. TONN Rotana

Project Officer

Mr. Tonn Rotana is new to the YCUD team as a project Officer for the “Youth Participation in Democratic Election” project. His background in leadership and communication is a vital asset to the team, with numerous qualifications from training and program completions in the field. Most recently, Mr. Rotana has been volunteering at the Khmer Youth Association and held the position of Vice President for Youth For Youth and is currently working towards his Bachelor’s Degree of Public Administration at the Royal University of Law and Economics. His interest in international and local social development and participation in youth focused workshops and seminars continue to inspire him to further his work and dedication to YCUD’s cause.

Mr. Hong Ratha

Advocacy Officer

Mr. Hong Ratha is the newest member to the YCUD team, but has several qualifications, a well-rounded background, and an honest, hardworking attitude that makes him a great fit as an Advocacy Officer. With his previous volunteer experience at the Khmer Youth Association, leadership position as a team leader of the Youth and Social Development, and involvement in creating numerous youth advocacy related workshops and campaigns, Mr. Ratha leads the “Youth Advocacy for Youth Friendly Policy Development and Enforcement” project for YCUD. He is currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree of Law at the Royal University of Law and Economics and also studying English at the Pannasastra University of Cambodia.

Miss Kong Gech

Finance/ Admin officer

Miss Kong Gech just recently joined the team as the fourth member at YCUD. Her current studies in Accounting at the University of Cambodia, as well as her previous background in volunteer work with the Khmer Youth Association (specifically drugs and alcohol with youth) make her a great fit to the team. She also has great communication skills to interact with the team members, other organizations, and stakeholders. As the Administrative & Finance Officer at YCUD, Ms. Gech’s responsibility includes controlling general office materials and handling financial operations such as payment flow.

Youth Coalition Forum


Youth Coalition Forum is a new project which Youth Coalition for Unity and Development (YCUD) initiated with the objective to providing Cambodian youth with a debate forum and collection of youth voices for discussing youth’s issues and demanding key solutions via technology which is trending in Cambodia and globally. This project is funded by USAID through Development Innovations. Youth Coalition Forum is widely open to all users to participate easily. In order to join this online forum, please read the user’s guide here (only available in Khmer).


You can find out more about YCUD’s relevant policies below:
HR Policy
Gender Policy
Finance Policy
Anti-Corruption Policy
Child Protection Policy
Strategic Plan
Board ToR

Relevant Reports and Documents

You can download YCUD’s relevant reports and documents below:
Six month report
Drafted Law on Alcohol Control and Management
MYP Report to IOGT
YCUD-External Evaluation